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I hate it when im feeling really good about my body and im working out and I then have a random 2 days where I don’t work out and eat like poop and feel fat now. On the more positive side Rudy and i went on a walk and found the person with the a mustang a lot like his sons and we talked to them for like an hour! She was so thrilled that her car hot attention because her husbands car usually gets all the attention (i don’t remember what kind of car it is though) and turns out he is a sherriff and the father of a past time pal of mine! I was like whoa! Random. I had fun though! You don’t often run into people who are so happy to talk to strangers and are so welcoming! Felt good. I hate how reclusive people have become.

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So I am pretty deflated

Found out my work won’t give me saturdays off this summer like last year so I can’t go to the lake as much. He knew it was coming because all I talk about is getting to the lake and barefooting. I miss barefooting sooo much and now I won’t be able to do it so much this summer. So depressed.

The lake is my escape from this effing world we called life. The lake is my reality.

It is hard work rewarded with skiing in between. If I could live that life instead of this, I would. 

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Got my CCW!

Whew its official!

But uber annoyed right now. My wifi is being dumb and half of my dashboard won’t load! Meh.

So yesterday we found some places we like in Florida. Super pumped! Hope it happens this time. I’m sick of this yicky, boring, dreadful place. There is never anything to do here and the only places that is fun to go to is Cedar Point or the lake (lake is my fav place) and ya gotta hope ya have the weekend off and its summer out.

Only 4 months of summer here and the rest is winter with a dash of fall/spring. I want summer all year round. I could careless about the 4 seasons anymore. Ive had 21 years experience and I’m more than ready to move on to the beach!

Just hoping we can take the boat and still foot

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I can’t sleep again! Dreaming about coconuts and my CCW

"I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are, standing in a row. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head." is stuck in my head! Darn Lion King ha ha. ♥

Need sleep though. Maybe I’m a little nervouse and uber excited to get my CCW tomorrow. I made an appointment and my work told me I could leave early because I made the appt. a month in advanced.

Jeixnsieo iwirndjeiwnxjei can’t wait til I can carry instead of always carrying a knife around! I will feel so much safer!

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Woke up crazy

Got woken up at 10 saying you need to call insurance and get it set up. I’m like bleh I was sound asleep finally! I was kinda up and tossing and turning all night. But not fully awake I had to schedule a meeting with the agent and I had a few minutes to get ready! Meh! No breakfast or working out this am… My sched is all screwed up and I like my loose fitted routine of waking up and eating breakfast and reading a book/watching a tv show then working out. None of tht is happeneing this am for me.

So ya! Then when i get home I have to spend more moolah and pick up my already spent check.

I’m grouchy… Need food!

Afraid to eat in Sheila’s dentist office.

Just happy I’m not the one driving down town!

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Work again… All day again. Doubles suck! Anyway.

Creeper dream last night! I was stuck at my work serving tables (ive been working way to much) and zombies start pouring in and a zombie shirt attacked me and everyone thought i was infected but i really wasn’t because shirts don’t have blood. To get out you had to go through this glass wall that had blocks you could remove and it took you into a hallway of a hospital or something. I had to stab a few people… It felt super real… One of those dreams that you have no control over your body so your dream maker does whatever it wants you to do. I almost died. And i’ve decided (thanks to the dream) that a zombie attack would b scarier than a human being because at least if a normal human bites you… You have a better chance of surviving. A zombie bites you… Well you might as well off yourself because somebody else will.

Okie shower time and my favorite meal of the day! Breakfast!

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