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Work again… All day again. Doubles suck! Anyway.

Creeper dream last night! I was stuck at my work serving tables (ive been working way to much) and zombies start pouring in and a zombie shirt attacked me and everyone thought i was infected but i really wasn’t because shirts don’t have blood. To get out you had to go through this glass wall that had blocks you could remove and it took you into a hallway of a hospital or something. I had to stab a few people… It felt super real… One of those dreams that you have no control over your body so your dream maker does whatever it wants you to do. I almost died. And i’ve decided (thanks to the dream) that a zombie attack would b scarier than a human being because at least if a normal human bites you… You have a better chance of surviving. A zombie bites you… Well you might as well off yourself because somebody else will.

Okie shower time and my favorite meal of the day! Breakfast!

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